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Sinner turned Saint.

Mick Fleming was a dangerous and violent man, but one extraordinary encounter turned him into the complete opposite. Mick was only 11 when his life changed forever. With his childhood gone in an instant, he turned to drugs to numb the pain.

"I got this fuzzy warm feeling when I took them and I just drifted, from that day on I just kept trying to get that feeling, to float away again."

"I was a good boy, but now I wanted to be bad.""

Over the next 30 years he did become bad, he was dangerous and violent, and built up a reputation that would lead him to be called Mad Mick. He was the man people would go to because he would do the 'gangsta' stuff for them.

He was also living a double life, "I would come home and be a loving father and husband."

In 2007 his life was about to change dramatically again, with an encounter that would see him changed forever. Mick went to collect a debt, taking a firearm with him, but the gentlemen he went to collect the debt from came out the building he was watching with two children.

"He was holding their hands, and a light was shining from their hands like I'd never seen before."

He began to feel sick and experience emotions he had never had before, he could not do what he had set out to do. "It wasn't through fear, I just couldn't do it, I couldn't see."

He got in his car, drove away and parked on a small industrial estate and prayed. "I said, God if you're real you better help me". But nothing seemed to happen, he felt God had abandoned him, so he picked up the gun, put it under his chin and pulled the trigger. But the gun didn't go off, God hadn't abandoned him.

"That was the beginning of God stepping into my life. I knew firearms, they don't jam, when I went to put it away I did fire it and it went off, my life changed from that point."

Life didn't instantly become easy for Mick, he had to 'battle through the pain' to find his redemption. Now his life is characterised by love and helping others, giving to the poor and helping them through the same pain he experienced. 

His charity Church on the Streets has been visited by the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge. HRH The Duke of Cambridge was so deeply moved by what he saw at CoTs he wrote in the foreword of Michael's book: 'Blown Away: From Drug Dealer to Life Bringer' the following:

"It's impossible to visit Church on the Street and not be deeply moved by the work the organisation does for those in need. It is an extraordinary place..." (HRH The Duke of Cambridge).

Pastor Mick's story is so incredible that it's set to make it onto screen, with “Top Boy” director Brady Hood currently in talks over it. 

Although painful Pastor Mick's story gives hope that change is possible. Come along to listen to more from Mick's testimony in person and to see how his ministry is helping others just like him, and transforming many lives for the better.

Date & Time

Wednesday 12th October 2022

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Parking is free for those attending the event, please enter you car reg into the iPad in the Church Hall when you arrive.